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About Us

Welcome to Hopocan Gardens, Legendary Barberton Chicken.

Please visit us and enjoy a dinner that has been the treat of northeastern Ohio families for 50 years. We would like to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you may have.


Well where do we start? Founded in 1942, Barberton Chicken and its tomato rice mixture called hot sauce was introduced to the public by accident. A small restaurant in Barberton made it for its employees, not customers. After they saw them eating it they asked if they could try a little taste. Soon customers would come in for two things; the chicken and hot sauce. They added cole slaw and fresh cut french fries and the Barberton Chicken Dinner was born.

Today, 50+ years later, Barberton is considered the Chicken Capital of the World. Four chicken houses serve over 7 1/2 tons of chicken per week.


What is Barberton Chicken?

Fresh Ohio-raised chicken, lightly breaded and deep fried. All natural. The flavor you experience is how chicken actually tastes. No heavy seasoning to "create" a taste.

I've never seen pieces of chicken like this before 

Barberton chicken is not like any chicken you've had. Even the cut is different.

Why do they cut the chicken this way?

During the depression, families needed to find a way to cut the chickens to yield the most pieces without any waste. Times were hard. When the first chicken house opened, they cut the chicken this same way and passed the efficiency onto their customers in the form of low prices - an idea that is still popular 50 years later.

Thank you for visiting our Website - and please visit one our location in person! Bring the family and be prepared to experience the legendary taste of "Barberton Chicken."